Color space conversions and named lookups

This module provides conversions between commonly used ways to express colors. It provides conversions between color spaces such as RGB and HSV, and it provides ways to look up colors by a name. This class provides a base for subclasses which represent particular color values in particular spaces. The base class provides methods to represent the color in a few convenient forms, though subclasses may provide more specific details for the space in question. For more detail, read the documentation on these classes; namely: * the Convert::Color::RGB manpage - red/green/blue as floats between 0 and 1 * the Convert::Color::RGB8 manpage - red/green/blue as 8-bit integers * the Convert::Color::RGB16 manpage - red/green/blue as 16-bit integers * the Convert::Color::HSV manpage - hue/saturation/value * the Convert::Color::HSL manpage - hue/saturation/lightness * the Convert::Color::CMY manpage - cyan/magenta/yellow * the Convert::Color::CMYK manpage - cyan/magenta/yellow/key (blackness) The following classes are subclasses of one of the above, which provide a way to access predefined colors by names: * the Convert::Color::VGA manpage - named lookup for the basic VGA colors * the Convert::Color::X11 manpage - named lookup of colors from X11's _rgb.txt_

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