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Gtk2 jukebox for large music collections

Customisable jukebox based on Gtk2 for large music collections. Main features: - Made with big libraries in mind. - Customisable window layouts. - Artist/album lock: restrict playlist to current artist/album. - Easy access to songs related to the currently playing song: * songs from the same album. * album(s) from the same artist(s). * songs with same title (other versions, covers, ...). - Supports Ogg Vorbis, MP3, FLAC files and other formats. - Simple mass-tagging and mass-renaming. - Notification icon, with a customisable tip window, which can be used to control the player. - Customisable SongTree widget for a pretty list of songs. - Support multiple genres for a song and multiple artists for each song by separating them. - Customisable labels can be set for each song (like bootleg, live, -'s favourites, ...). - Filters with unlimited nesting of conditions. - Customisable weighted random mode (based on rating, last time played, label, ...). - The possibility to act as a icecast server, to listen to your music remotely. - Plugins: nowplaying (external program song updates),, find pictures, simple lyrics, display Wikipedia artist page and search lyrics with Google.

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