trezarcoin wallet. . Wallet for the cryptocoin trezarcoin.<br> . Provides a gui interface and a daemon to run in background. . Trezarcoin (TZC) is a decentralised open source digital currency. . * advanced hybrid proof-of-work (PoW) and proof-of-stake (PoS) * 400 million coins to be produced * block hashing is BLAKE2s * PoW hashing is NeoScrypt * PoS hashing is SHA-256d * 1 minute combined block target (1.5 minutes for PoW, 3 minutes for PoS) * retargets every block using Orbitcoin Super Shield (OSS) * time warp and instamining protection * advanced checkpointing against 51% attacks * transaction messaging supported * PoW and PoS blocks carry the same fixed reward of 100 TZC * 6 confirmations for regular transactions * 200 confirmations for minted coins * very low transaction fees (most transactions are free) * no destruction of transaction fees (all collected by a block finder) * the default P2P port is 17298, RPC port is 17299 * I2P/Tor ready . Donations to package maintainer:TjucUb28xdbHVxQvyrdviQpRdByzNoMhms

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