Open Source Groupware and CRM

Tine 2.0 is an open source project, which combines groupware, CRM and ERP into one system and is therefore useful for the the whole company, from field staff to back office members. Thanks to their consistent orientation to the users needs, Tine 2.0 makes business collaboration easier and more enjoyable. Synergies, which the whole company profits from, are being created through its deft linkage between and among the different components, and the collective work on one master data source. This package provides a typical tine20 installation of the most common modules. Tine 2.0 includes address book, calendar, email, tasks, time tracking and CRM. Intelligent functions and links make collaboration in Tine 2.0 a true pleasure and include: * Synchronising mobile telephones * VoiP integration * Flexible assigning of authorisation rights * Dynamic lists * Search functions * History * PDF export

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