An X/Motif day planner

Plan is a schedule planner based on X/Motif. It displays a month calendar similar to xcal, but every day box is large enough to show appointments in small print. By pressing on a day box, the appointments for that day can be listed and edited. Appointments are entered with the following information (everything except the time is optional): - the date, time, and length (time and days) of the appointment, - an optional text message to be printed, - an optional script to be executed, - early-warn and late-warn triggers that precede the alarm time - repetitions: [n-th] weekdays, days-of-the-month, every n days, yearly - optional fast command-line appointment entry - flexible ways to specify holidays and vacations - extensive context help - multiuser capability using an IP server program (with access lists), - grouping of appointments into files, per-user, private, and others The action being taken when a warn or alarm time is reached is programmable; by default a window pops up. In addition, a program can be executed, or mail can be sent. Other methods of listing appointments (today, this week, next week, or a keyword search for regular expressions) are also available. Plan can be configured to display times in 12-hour or 24-hour formats, mmddyy and ddmmyy date formats, and can show either Monday or Sunday in the leftmost column. Four view modes are supported: month, year, week, day, and a 365-day overview. The day, week, and overview plot appointments as colored and labeled bars on a time chart.

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