Perl port of Webmachine

'Web::Machine' provides a RESTful web framework modeled as a state machine. You define one or more resource classes. Each resource represents a single RESTful URI end point, such as a user, an email, etc. The resource class can also be the target for 'POST' requests to create a new user, email, etc. Each resource is a state machine, and each request for a resource is handled by running the request through that state machine. 'Web::Machine' is built on top of Plack, but it handles the full request and response cycle. See Web::Machine::Manual for more details on using 'Web::Machine' in general, and how 'Web::Machine' and Plack interact. This is a port of at <a href=""></a> , actually it is much closer to the Ruby version|<a href=""></a> , with a little bit of at <a href=""></a> and even some of at <a href=""></a> thrown in for good measure. You can learn a bit about Web::Machine's history from the slides for my 2012 YAPC::NA talk|<a href=""></a> . To learn more about Webmachine, take a look at the links in the SEE ALSO section.

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