Perl extension for transcribing natural languages

Transcriptions are transformations of a text from one alphabet into another in a way which feels natural to humans. This module allows you to specify transcriptions in a notation which hopefully feels more natural than using Perl regexps. Transcription files look as follows: a b > a # 'a' -> 'b' if followed by 'a' a c > ! b # 'a' -> 'c' if not followed by 'b' a d < b # 'a' -> 'd' if text transcribed ends in 'b' a e < ! b # 'a' -> 'e' if text transcribed doesn't end in 'b' a f < $ > $ # 'a' -> 'f' if followed by a word boundary and the a g # 'a' -> 'g' otherwise Transcription files can be loaded from text strings or from files. The module converts your transcription file into some Perl code which is then eval'ed when you call transcribe(). You may inspect the code generated by calling generated_code().

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