QA of CPAN distributions via cross-platform testing

Started in 1998 by Graham Barr and Chris Nandor, the CPAN Testers exist to provide quality assurance of CPAN distributions via cross-platform testing with many versions of perl. Some of our goals include the increase of portability of CPAN distributions and to provide authors with helpful feedback. Nowadays, it's quite effortless to get involved--even casually--with mature support for CPAN Testing with both CPAN and CPANPLUS. Testing methods ranging from manual to automatic are available. There are many distributions that comprise the CPAN Testers stack (please forgive my poor artwork). The current architecture is as follows: [POE-Component-CPANPLUS-YACSmoke] | [CPAN-Reporter] [CPANPLUS-YACSmoke] [cpanm-reporter] (CPAN) (CPANPLUS) (cpanminus) | | | | | | .------------------------------------------------. | [Test-Reporter] | | CT2.0 ................ . [HTTP] . . | . . [Metabase] . . (Data Store) . ................ | | [CPAN-Testers-Data-Generator] | [cpanstats] (Data Store) | .------------------------------------------------. | | | | | | [CPAN-Testers-WWW-Reports] (APIs) [CPAN-Testers-WWW-Statistics] | | [<a href="]">]</a> [<a href="]">]</a> This a rather simplistic view, but covers the basic flow of test reports into the system, and how the 'cpanstats' database and the core websites are derived.

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