Data pack for Business::ISBN

You don't need to load this module yourself in most cases. Business::ISBN will load it when it loads. You must use Business::ISBN 3.005 or later because the data structure changed slightly to fix a bug with ISBN13 prefixes. These data are generated from the _RangeMessage.xml_ file provided by the ISBN Agency. The distributed version matches the date in the version for this module. You can retrieve this yourself at <a href=""></a> . This file is included as part of the distribution and should be installed at _~lib/Business/ISBN/Data/RangeMessage.xml_. If you want to use a different _RangeMessage.xml_ file, you can set the 'ISBN_RANGE_MESSAGE' environment variable to the alternate location before you load 'Business::ISBN'. This way, you can use the latest (or even earlier) data without having to install something new or wait for an update to this module. If the default _RangeMessage.xml_ or your alternate one is not available, the module falls back to data included in _Data.pm_. However, that data are likely to be older. If it does not find that file, it looks for _RangeMessage.xml_ in the current directory. The data are in '%Business::ISBN::country_data' (although the "country" part is historical). If you want to see where the data are from, check '$Business::ISBN::country_data{_source}'.

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