Execute perl prepending relative lib to @INC

The 'rlibperl' script simplifies the inclusion of relative library directories with perl. Upon execution the script will look for lib directories relative to the location of the script then re-invoke perl with all supplied command line arguments and any found lib directories added to '@INC'. The script was designed to be installed via local::lib (though local::lib is not required). Once installed, executing the script is just like executing perl except that it adds the local lib directories to '@INC' for you. It also adds the directory of the script to '$PATH' like local::lib does which enables 'system'/'qx'/'exec'/etc. to find executables in that directory. So this: $HOME/perl5/bin/rlibperl -MSome::Module -e 'do_something' is roughly the equivalent of: PATH=$HOME/perl5/bin:$PATH perl \ -I$HOME/perl5/lib/perl5 -MSome::Module -e 'do_something' If that isn't useful enough (it probably isn't) check out App::rbinperl which automatically adds '-S' which makes it just as easy to execute another script in that bin directory.

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