An automated testing framework

Tapat aims to be an automated testing framework. It currently only provides a mechanism to run tests which contain TAP, receive the test's output, and relay that output further to a report and, in the future, a database. Tapat is designed to be programming language agnostic. This means that you can write tests in any language that can produce TAP, and many languages can, including perl, python, php, bash, C/C++, Java, various SQL implementations, ruby, and any language that can create simple TAP output. (See the TAP wiki.) Once your tests are written, they are run by the tapat harness and reports are created. The goal is to allow testers to focus on their testing, not the mechanism or framework that surrounds their tests, enabling a simple drop-in mechanism for new automated tests to run inside of. So with Tapat, you get a parsing and reporting layer for your tests.

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