Install applications

This is easiest to do by analogy. Have you ever used any of the following? module-starter kwiki-install minimvc-install Each of these scripts comes packaged with its respective distro (Module::Starter, Catalyst::Helper, Kwiki, and MasonX::MiniMVC respectively) and is used to install an application or create a framework, stub, or starting point for your own application. If you're not familiar with any of those modules and their installers, imagine a theoretical module Foo::Bar, providing some kind of CGI application, which comes with a foo-install script. When you run foo-install, it creates a directory structure like this: foo.cgi lib/ lib/Foo/ t/ t/foo_local.t You can then adapt foo.cgi and the other provided files to suit your specific needs. Well, App::Install is a generic tool for creating installers like those described above.

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