Easy application-level caching

The the App::Cache manpage module lets an application cache data locally. There are a few times an application would need to cache data: when it is retrieving information from the network or when it has to complete a large calculation. For example, the the Parse::BACKPAN::Packages manpage module downloads a file off the net and parses it, creating a data structure. Only then can it actually provide any useful information for the programmer. the Parse::BACKPAN::Packages manpage uses the App::Cache manpage to cache both the file download and data structures, providing much faster use when the data is cached. This module stores data in the home directory of the user, in a dot directory. For example, the the Parse::BACKPAN::Packages manpage cache is actually stored underneath "~/.parse_backpan_packages/cache/". This is so that permisssions are not a problem - it is a per-user, per-application cache.

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