Find Clusters Inside a Set of Points

This module implements an algorithm to find clusters of points inside a set. Clusters are defined as sets of points where it is possible to stablish a way between any pair of points moving from point to point inside the cluster in steps smaller than a given radius. Points can have any dimension from one to infinitum, though the algorithm performance degrades quickly as the dimension increases (it has O((2*D)^D) complexity). The algorithm input parameters are: * $dimension Dimension of the problem space. For instance, for finding clusters on a geometric plane, dimension will be 2. * $radius A point is part of a cluster when there is at least another point from the cluster that is at a distance smaller than $radius from it. * $minimum_size Minimum_number of points required to form a cluster, the default is one. * @points The coordinates of the points * $ordered Order the points inside the clusters by their indexes and also order the clusters by the index of the contained points. Ordering the output data is optional because it can be an computational expensive operation.

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