ReiserFS File System Access Library

This is a library for reiserfs file system access and manipulation. The primary goal is to develop the nice, full functionality library that can be linked to any projects that needed reiserfs file system access. These include GNU Parted, GNU GRUB, Yaboot, Partimage, and EVMS. The second goal is high maintainability source code. The third goal is to develop an alternative set of the reiserfs programs as small and nice front-ends to this library. libreiserfs has a number of high level APIs for accessing reiserfs file systems. There are main file system code (reiserfs_fs_open, reiserfs_fs_close, reiserfs_fs_create, reiserfs_fs_resize, reiserfs_fs_journal_tune, etc), journal code, bitmap code, directories and files access code, and device abstraction layer. progsreiserfs supports versions 3.5 and 3.6 with standard and relocated journal. It also supports all possible block sizes supported by the kernel (2.4.18 with patches or 2.4.19). The project home page is <a href=""></a> .

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