Instructional Sparse Matrix Package

CSparse is a small yet feature-rich sparse matrix package written specifically for a book. The purpose of the package is to demonstrate a wide range of sparse matrix algorithms in as concise a code as possible. CSparse is about 2,200 lines long (excluding its MATLAB interface, demo codes, and test codes), yet it contains algorithms (either asympotical optimal or fast in practice) for all of the following functions described below. A MATLAB interface is included. Note that the LU and Cholesky factorization algorithms are not as fast as UMFPACK or CHOLMOD. Other functions have comparable performance as their MATLAB equivalents (some are faster). Documentation is very terse in the code; it is fully documented in the book. Some indication of how to call the C functions in CSparse is given by the CSparse/MATLAB/*.m help files. CSparse is part of the SuiteSparse sparse matrix suite.

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