LDAP Account Management Tool

App::LDAP is aimed at being a handy tool for system administrator to create/delete accounts, groups, sudoers, hosts, and more without editing LDIF directly. Besides, it also provides the abilities similar to migration tools provided by PADL and a instinctive browser, that can make you easily migrate to LDAP fast within only one tool set. The tool retrives all infomation via /etc/ldap.conf or the same file at different locations so that you can command almost the same as the time you are using /etc/* files. And all permission would be determined via the UID of users. So, just configure your LDAP server and client well and install App::LDAP, it would serves there as the tools you are familiar to and help you migrate/import/export data rapidly. Enjoy the time managing hundreds of computers without more loading. WARNING: This software is under the heavy development and considered ALPHA quality till the version hits v1.0.0. Things might be broken, not all features have been implemented, and APIs will be likely to change. YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED.

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