The Gnumeric Spreadsheet

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Spreadsheet Application

Gnumeric is a spreadsheet application with advanced features and analytics. It aims to minimize the cost of transition from proprietary spreadsheets by offering a familiar look and feature set. In addition to read and write support for all versions of Microsoft Excel (including reading encrypted files), there is also support for many other formats including: *Applix 4 and 5 *DIF *Lotus-123 (wk1, wk2, wk3) * (Oasis) *PlanPerfect (pln) *Psion5 *Quattro Pro (wb1, wb2, wb3) *SYLK *XBase/DB3 Text formats, such as comma or tab separated values, HTML, XHTML, and Latex, are supported and there are powerful assistants to handle custom needs. Gnumeric is part of the GNOME project.

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