C Cross Referencing & Documenting tool

Cxref is a program that will produce documentation (in LaTeX, HTML, RTF or SGML) including cross-references from C program source code. Works for ANSI C, including most gcc extensions. The documentation for the program is produced from comments in the code that are appropriately formatted. The cross referencing comes from the code itself and requires no extra work. The documentation is produced for each of the following: Files - A comment that applies to the whole file. Functions - A comment for the function, including a description of each of the arguments and the return value. Variables - A comment for each of a group of variables and/or individual variables. for macro arguments. Type definitions - A comment for each defined type and for each element of a structure or union type. Any or all of these comments can be present in suitable places in the source code. The cross referencing is performed for the following items Files - The files that the current file is included in (even when included via other files). - Files included by these files etc. Variables - The location of the definition of external variables. - The files that have visibility of global variables. - The files / functions that use the variable. Functions - The file that the function is prototyped in. - The functions that the function calls. - The functions that call the function. - The files and functions that reference the function. - The variables that are used in the function. Each of these items is cross referenced in the output. Includes extensive README and FAQ with details and examples on how to use the program.

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