A GTK-Based Graphical Scanning Front-End for SANE

XSane does not support any scanners itself. XSane uses the SANE library to talk to scanners that are supported by SANE. XSane is designed for acquiring images with scanners (there are other devices like cameras and video devices supported by SANE, but XSane is not designed for that purpose). You can scan to file, make a photocopy, create a fax, and start XSane from the GIMP as a GIMP plug-in. XSane may not work correctly or you may not be able to take full advantage of all functions if you do not configure XSane correctly. See the documentation at /usr/share/sane/xsane/doc/sane-xsane-doc.html. The XSane home page is <a href="http://www.xsane.org/">http://www.xsane.org/</a> .

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