A graphical X3D/VRML97 editor, simple 3D modeler and animation tool

white_dune is a graphical X3D/VRML97 editor, 3D modeler and animation tool. It is a simple extrusion/NURBS/Superformula 3D modeler. X3D and VRML97 are the ISO standard for displaying 3D data over the web. With x_ite or X3DOM it can displayed in any webgl enabled web browser. This includes animation, real-time interaction and multimedia (image, movie, sound). VRML97 can be written by popular 3D programs but (unlike white_dune) most of this programs support only a small part of the VRML97 features. Dune can read X3DV/VRML97 files, display and let the user change the scene-graph and all fields of all nodes. The most powerful 3D modeling features of white_dune support the X3D/VRML97 Amendment1 style NURBS nodes and Superformula based PROTOs. For artistic mesh modeling work, the usage of a static 3D modeler with VRML97 export features may be useful. The result can be either used unchanged in a bigger VRML97 file via the Inline command without breaking the tool-chain or improved in white_dune. Under Linux, white_dune support some 3D input-devices like joysticks, game-pads or all devices supported via the Xinput protocol. White_dune support quad-buffer stereo visuals. Under Linux, this can be used with Nvidia 3D vision shutter-glasses and special drivers for expensive graphic-cards like Nvidia Quadro.

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