Vivacious Colors Icon Theme - A GTK-centric theme with some Plasma taste

Vivacious Colors is a Vivid and Modern GTK icon theme. Featuring an completely NEW set of application icons(Re-designed by RAVEfinity based on Plasma-Next, Flattr and Emerald.). And amazing folders and indicators. All the icons in vivacious are modern and clean but make use of gradients and shading for more detail and sophistication. Vivacious uses a fusion of components from many great open source icon projects. But we add to and develop many new aspects of our own on top of this Including taking on new App icon development & re-design and other aspects as needed. Vivacious features 4 hand crafted folder colors by default. and 10 more installable via the folder-colors package. Vivacious Colors is based on our tried and true Vibrancy Colors icon theme framework (Folders, Indicators, Actions etc). However we have completely replaced the rounded App icons with a newly re-designed (With some parts built from scratch) Set of vivid and beautiful application icons that come in multiple shapes and are fully SVG. Vivacious uses Plasma Next icons as a base for our app icons. However we have overhauled the look of nearly everything (to match our design vision) We have also created lots of new icons and redesigned many aspects. The theme has also been built out so nearly all common apps and even uncommon ones "theme" with our theme! A huge thanks to the Emerald Icon theme and Vince Luice for his hard work making Plasma Next Icons more GTK friendly. Vivacious is based on Emerald and Plasma but we look different as we have gone in a different direction. (Q) Uhh Why the heck is it called "Vivacious" ? Vivacious Means: attractively lively and animated. We came to this name when looking through a thesaurus for variations of the word Vibrant. And we thought it sounded quite funny. Fully tested/built to work on most major GTK desktops including: Unity, Cinnamon, Gnome Shell, Gnome Classic, Mate, Xfce, LXDE, Openbox and more. Theme Requires about 58 MB When installed. And Up to 90 MB if you decide to install the folder colors addon. 4 Colors of Folders are Selectable by default: Stock Manila Folders, Blue, Purple, Mint Teal. 10 More Folder Colors Are Available Via "Vivacious-Folder-Colors-Addon" Package: Aqua ,Graphite ,Blue Vivid (Dark), Brown, Green, Purple Vivid (Dark),Red, Pink, Orange, Yellow. Fully Supports Folder Color Extension (On Nemo, Nautilus, Caja, Files) An optional extension that allows you to right click on any folder and change it to any of the 14 colors on the fly. Perfect for organization or personalization. This works on top of the already selectable 14 colors from the theme panel.