Localization and translation editor

A program for Computer Aided Translation (CAT) and localization. Virtaal includes features that allow a localizer to work effectively including: syntax highlighting, autocomplete and autocorrect. By showing only the data that is needed through its simple and effective user interface it ensures that translators can focus on their current translation task. A rich set of Translation Memory (TM) plugins provide valuable suggestions to the translator from sources such as, the current file, and the translators own TM server. Similarly Machine Translation (MT) suggestions can come from Apertium, libtranslate, Google and Moses. The terminology plugin system will provide terminology hints from, local terminology files and remote terminology repositories. Placeholders such as variables, abbreviations, URLs, emails and special punctutions are highlighted for easy insertion into the translations. Virtaal is able to edit any of the following formats: XLIFF, Gettext PO and .mo, Qt .ts, .qph and .qm, Wordfast TM, TMX, OmegaT glossaries and TBX. The Translate Toolkit converters allow translators to edit: OpenDocument Format (ODF), SDF, Java (and Mozilla) .properties, Mozilla DTD files, subtitles, and other formats.

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