The SAXON XSLT Processor from Michael Kay

The SAXON package is a collection of tools for processing XML documents. The main components are: * An XSLT processor, which implements the Version 1.0 XSLT and XPath Recommendations from the World Wide Web Consortium, found at <a href=""></a> and <a href=""></a> with a number of powerful extensions. This version of Saxon also includes many of the new features defined in the XSLT 1.1 working draft, but for conformance and portability reasons these are not available if the stylesheet header specifies version="1.0". * A Java library, which supports a similar processing model to XSL, but allows full programming capability, which you need if you want to perform complex processing of the data or to access external services such as a relational database * A slightly improved version of the Aelfred parser from Microstar. (But you can use SAXON with any SAX-compliant XML parser if you prefer). So you can use SAXON by writing XSLT stylesheets, by writing Java applications, or by any combination of the two.

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