The program was written originally to fullfil two objectives: create a libre software to allow students to have a tool to analyze antennas at no cost and to present it as a final work for the subject Principios de Computadoras II, Electronic Engineering grade course at the Universidad Nacional del Sur, Argentina. Because at the university there's a variety of OSs running, the software is designed to be multiplatform. And, as the original programmers were Linux and KDE desktop users following a curse on OO programming, the idea to use Trolltech's Qt 4 libraries were thought as the most appropiate for the project. The program was first intended to be a direct replace for Antennavis, written in Tcl/Tk. As Antennavis' source code wasn't written in an OO language, it was decided to write QAntenna from scratch. The visualization would be created using OpenGL, the standard for multiplatform visualization programs.

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