Python library for delivery of email from your app

TurboMail 3 offers: * Simplified creation of complex messages, including rich text, attachments, and more. * Modular delivery managers including the blocking immediate manager and the threaded on demand manager. * Modular back-ends ('transports') including SMTP and in-memory (debug) * Easier debugging when using the debug back-end in concert with the immediate manager. * A plugin architecture with a sample plugin for altered message encoding. * Automatic integration into TurboGears 1.x. Python includes several standard packages for handling e-mail. These libraries are independent of each-other, their documentation is hard-to-follow, and their examples are hardly real-world. TurboMail ties these dispersant elements together with an elegant and extensible API, freeing you (the developer) from drudge-work, strained eyes, and loss of hair, even for the most complicated use-cases.

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