An object-relational mapper (ORM) for Python

Storm is an object-relational mapper (ORM) for Python developed at Canonical. The project has been in development for more than a year for use in Canonical projects such as [WWW] Launchpad, and has recently been released as an open-source product. Highlights: * Clean and lightweight API offers a short learning curve and long-term maintainability. * Storm is developed in a test-driven manner. An untested line of code is considered a bug. * Storm needs no special class constructors, nor imperative base classes. * Storm is well designed (different classes have very clear boundaries, with small and clean public APIs). * Designed from day one to work both with thin relational databases, such as SQLite, and big iron systems like PostgreSQL and MySQL. * Storm is easy to debug, since its code is written with a KISS principle, and thus is easy to understand. * Designed from day one to work both at the low end, with trivial small databases, and the high end, with applications accessing billion row tables and committing to multiple database backends. * It's very easy to write and support backends for Storm (current backends have around 100 lines of code).

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