Plasma Panel that implements the mac or plank way of managing its plasmoids

New Features in 0.5 - Panel - masking support,transparent areas are letting their mouse events to go to dock's underneath windows - visibility states: Below Active, Below Maximized, Windows Cover, Windows Go Below, Auto Hide, Always Visible - beautiful sliding animation for showing or hiding the dock Features - double layout with special spacer (-left and right- and -top and bottom-) - Now Dock Panel Configuration Window - add plasmoids and animate them - lock plasmoids in order not to animate - automatic categorizing of plasmoids that probably would break the hovering animation - anchor the panels content in every way you want, center, left, right, top, bottom - beautiful visuals for dragging and drag n' drop plasmoids - support plasma's panel theme and set its background size - translations New Features in 0.5 - Plasmoid -- real icon shadows all the time -- various small improvements and adjustements in order to cooperate smoothly with the new architecture of Now Dock Panel 0.5 Features -- player buttons in menu -- set activities for a task -- fixes in animations -- add window options -- support different launchers per activity -- window previews -- highlight windows -- anchor your plasmoid wherever you want in order to provide proper zoom animation -- visual indicator for tasks progress (e.g. copying files) -- configure animation duration -- work smoothly with Now Dock Panel -- zoom tasks on hover -- various animations for several cases (e.g. adding, removing launchers and windows) -- activities and virtual desktops agnostic -- launchers -- dragging, drag n. drop (from outside) -- different coloring for states -- plasma theming