Drop-in replacement for Perl threads using fork()

The "forks" pragma allows a developer to use threads without having to have a threaded perl, or to even run 5.8.0 or higher. Refer to the the threads manpage module for ithreads API documentation. Also, use perl -Mforks -e 'print $threads::VERSION' to see what version of the threads manpage you should refer to regarding supported API features. There were a number of goals that I am trying to reach with this implementation. Using this module *only* makes sense if you run on a system that has an implementation of the 'fork' function by the Operating System. Windows is currently the only known system on which Perl runs which does *not* have an implementation of 'fork'. Therefore, it *doesn't* make any sense to use this module on a Windows system. And therefore, a check is made during installation barring you from installing on a Windows system.

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