Access file system via a Perl hash

Tie::FileSystem represents file system as a Perl hash. Each hash key corresponds to name of a directory or a file. For example, for a file "/etc/passwd" it will be $data{'etc'}{'passwd'}. Contents of the file "/etc/passwd" becomes a value corresponding to the $data{'etc'}{'passwd'}. Standard handling procedure for directories is to store a listing of files in the directory as keys. Standard procedure for files is to store a contents of the file in the scalar value. For certain files with known structure it is possible to define subroutines for special handling. "Tie::FileSystem::System" defines subroutines for handling system files and, for starters, has 'passwd' handling subroutine. "/etc/passwd" can be represented asa hash with following structure: $data{'etc'}{'passwd'}{$username}{$field}.

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