Temporary directories that stick around when tests fail

This module works with Test::More to create temporary directories that stick around if tests fail. It is loosely based on Test::TempDir, but with less complexity, greater portability and zero non-core dependencies. (Capture::Tiny is recommended for testing.) The tempdir and in_tempdir functions are exported by default. If the current directory is writable, the root for directories will be _./tmp_. Otherwise, a File::Temp directory will be created wherever temporary directories are stored for your system. Every _*.t_ file gets its own subdirectory under the root based on the test filename, but with slashes and periods replaced with underscores. For example, _t/foo.t_ would get a test-file-specific subdirectory _./tmp/t_foo_t/_. Directories created by tempdir get put in that directory. This makes it very easy to find files later if tests fail. The test-file-specific name is consistent from run-to-run. If an old directory already exists, it will be removed. When the test file exits, if all tests passed, then the test-file-specific directory is recursively removed. If a test failed and the root directory is _./tmp_, the test-file-specific directory sticks around for inspection. (But if the root is a File::Temp directory, it is always discarded). If nothing is left in _./tmp_ (i.e. no other test file failed), then _./tmp_ is cleaned up as well (unless it's a symlink). This module attempts to avoid race conditions due to parallel testing. In extreme cases, the test-file-specific subdirectory might be created as a regular File::Temp directory rather than in _./tmp_. In such a case, a warning will be issued.

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