test environment setup for development with IDE

This module helps run test scripts in IDEs like Komodo. When running test scripts in an IDE i have to set up a project file defining the dist dir to run tests in and a lib dir to load additional modules from. Often I didn't feel like doing that, especially when i only wanted to do a small patch to a dist. In those cases i added a BEGIN block to mangle the environment for me. This module basically is that BEGIN block. It automatically moves up one directory when it cannot see the test script in "t/$scriptname" and includes 'lib' in @INC when there's no blib present. That way the test ends up with almost the same environment it'd get from EUMM/prove/etc., even when it's actually run inside the t/ directory. At the same time it will still function correctly when called by EUMM/prove/etc., since it does not change the environment in those cases.

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