Class-Based Html-Centric Templating System

WARNING: Codebase is alpha with extreme prejudice. Assume that bugs are teeming and that the API is subject to change. Template::Caribou is a Moose-based, class-centric templating system mostly aimed at producing sgml-like outputs, mostly HTML, but also XML, SVG, etc. It is heavily inspired by Template::Declare. For a manual on how to use 'Template::Caribou', have a peek at Template::Caribou::Manual. When 'use'd within a namespace, 'Template::Caribou' will apply the role Template::Caribou::Role to it (and auto-turn the namespace into Moose class if it wasn't a Moose class or role already), as well as import the keywords 'template' and 'attr' (the latter from Template::Caribou::Tags), as well as load Template::Caribou::Utils.

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