Additional utils for Perl symbols manipulation

This module provides a set of additional functions useful for Perl symbols manipulation. All Perl symbols from the same package are organized as a stash. Each symbol (glob) contains one or more of following slots: 'SCALAR', 'ARRAY', 'HASH', 'CODE', 'IO', 'FORMAT'. These slots are also accessible as standard variables or bare words. The Perl symbols table is directly accessible with typeglob prefix but it can be difficult to read and problematic if strict mode is used. Also the access to stash, glob and one of its slot have different syntax notation. 'stash' and 'fetch_glob' functions gets stash or glob without need to use 'no strict 'refs''. 'delete_glob' function allows to delete specific slot of symbol name without deleting others. 'delete_sub' removes the symbol from class API. This symbol won't be available as an object method. 'export_glob' function exports a glob to the target package. 'export_package' works like the Exporter manpage module and allows to export symbols from one package to other. 'unexport_package' allows to delete previously exported symbols.

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