High-performance preforking PSGI/Plack web server

Starman is a PSGI perl web server that has unique features such as: * High Performance Uses the fast XS/C HTTP header parser * Preforking Spawns workers preforked like most high performance UNIX servers do. Starman also reaps dead children and automatically restarts the worker pool. * Signals Supports 'HUP' for graceful worker restarts, and 'TTIN'/'TTOU' to dynamically increase or decrease the number of worker processes, as well as 'QUIT' to gracefully shutdown the worker processes. * Superdaemon aware Supports Server::Starter for hot deploy and graceful restarts. * Multiple interfaces and UNIX Domain Socket support Able to listen on multiple interfaces including UNIX sockets. * Small memory footprint Preloading the applications with '--preload-app' command line option enables copy-on-write friendly memory management. Also, the minimum memory usage Starman requires for the master process is 7MB and children (workers) is less than 3.0MB. * PSGI compatible Can run any PSGI applications and frameworks * HTTP/1.1 support Supports chunked requests and responses, keep-alive and pipeline requests. * UNIX only This server does not support Win32.

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