Networking constants and support functions

This module provides a variety of constants, structure manipulators and other functions related to socket-based networking. The values and functions provided are useful when used in conjunction with Perl core functions such as socket(), setsockopt() and bind(). It also provides several other support functions, mostly for dealing with conversions of network addresses between human-readable and native binary forms, and for hostname resolver operations. Some constants and functions are exported by default by this module; but for backward-compatibility any recently-added symbols are not exported by default and must be requested explicitly. When an import list is provided to the 'use Socket' line, the default exports are not automatically imported. It is therefore best practice to always to explicitly list all the symbols required. Also, some common socket "newline" constants are provided: the constants 'CR', 'LF', and 'CRLF', as well as '$CR', '$LF', and '$CRLF', which map to '\015', '\012', and '\015\012'. If you do not want to use the literal characters in your programs, then use the constants provided here. They are not exported by default, but can be imported individually, and with the ':crlf' export tag: use Socket qw(:DEFAULT :crlf); $sock->print("GET / HTTP/1.0$CRLF"); The entire getaddrinfo() subsystem can be exported using the tag ':addrinfo'; this exports the getaddrinfo() and getnameinfo() functions, and all the 'AI_*', 'NI_*', 'NIx_*' and 'EAI_*' constants.

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