Allow a module's pod to contain Pod::Coverage hints

This is a Pod::Coverage subclass (actually, a subclass of Pod::Coverage::CountParents) that allows the POD itself to declare certain symbol names trusted. Here is a sample Perl module: package Foo::Bar; =head1 NAME Foo::Bar - a bar at which fooes like to drink =head1 METHODS =head2 fee returns the bar tab =cut sub fee { ... } =head2 fie scoffs at bar tab =cut sub fie { ... } sub foo { ... } =begin Pod::Coverage foo =end Pod::Coverage =cut This file would report full coverage, because any non-empty lines inside a block of POD targeted to Pod::Coverage are treated as 'trustme' patterns. Leading and trailing whitespace is stripped and the remainder is treated as a regular expression anchored at both ends. Remember, anywhere you could use '=begin' and '=end' as above, you could instead write: =for Pod::Coverage foo In some cases, you may wish to make the entire file trusted. The special pattern '*EVERYTHING*' may be provided to do just this. Keep in mind that Pod::Coverage::TrustPod sets up exceptions using the "trust" mechanism rather than the "privacy" mechanism in Pod::Coverage. This is unlikely ever to matter to you, but it's true.

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