Teach ->New to Accept Single, Non-Hashref Arguments

MooseX::OneArgNew lets your constructor take a single argument, which will be translated into the value for a one-entry hashref. It is a the parameterized role|MooseX::Role::Parameterized manpage with three parameters: * type The Moose type that the single argument must be for the one-arg form to work. This should be an existing type, and may be either a string type or a MooseX::Type. * init_arg This is the string that will be used as the key for the hashref constructed from the one-arg call to new. * coerce If true, a single argument to new will be coerced into the expected type if possible. Keep in mind that if there are no coercions for the type, this will be an error, and that if a coercion from HashRef exists, you might be getting yourself into a weird situation.

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