Tools for creating Meta objects to track custom metrics

Meta programming is becoming more and more popular. The popularity of Meta programming comes from the fact that many problems are made significantly easier. There are a few specialized Meta tools out there, for instance Class:MOP which is used by Moose to track class metadata. Meta::Builder is designed to be a generic tool for writing Meta objects. Unlike specialized tools, Meta::Builder makes no assumptions about what metrics you will care about. Meta::Builder also makes it simple for others to extend your meta-object based tools by providing hooks for other packages to add metrics to your meta object. If a specialized Meta object tool is available to meet your needs please use it. However if you need a simple Meta object to track a couple metrics, use Meta::Builder. Meta::Builder is also low-sugar and low-dep. In most cases you will not want a class that needs a meta object to use your meta-object class directly. Rather you will usually want to create a sugar class that exports enhanced API functions that manipulate the meta object.

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