(DEPRECATED) Wrapper Class for the various JSON classes

This module tries to provide a coherent API to bring together the various JSON modules currently on CPAN. This module will allow you to code to any JSON API and have it work regardless of which JSON module is actually installed. use JSON::Any; my $j = JSON::Any->new; $json = $j->objToJson({foo=>'bar', baz=>'quux'}); $obj = $j->jsonToObj($json); or $json = $j->encode({foo=>'bar', baz=>'quux'}); $obj = $j->decode($json); or $json = $j->Dump({foo=>'bar', baz=>'quux'}); $obj = $j->Load($json); or $json = $j->to_json({foo=>'bar', baz=>'quux'}); $obj = $j->from_json($json); or without creating an object: $json = JSON::Any->objToJson({foo=>'bar', baz=>'quux'}); $obj = JSON::Any->jsonToObj($json); On load, JSON::Any will find a valid JSON module in your @INC by looking for them in this order: Cpanel::JSON::XS JSON::XS JSON::PP JSON JSON::DWIW And loading the first one it finds. You may change the order by specifying it on the 'use JSON::Any' line: use JSON::Any qw(DWIW XS CPANEL JSON PP); Specifying an order that is missing modules will prevent those module from being used: use JSON::Any qw(CPANEL PP); # same as JSON::MaybeXS This will check in that order, and will never attempt to load the JSON::XS manpage, the manpage, or the JSON::DWIW manpage. This can also be set via the '$ENV{JSON_ANY_ORDER}' environment variable. the JSON::Syck manpage has been deprecated by its author, but in the attempt to still stay relevant as a "Compatibility Layer" JSON::Any still supports it. This support however has been made optional starting with JSON::Any 1.19. In deference to a bug request starting with JSON 1.20, the JSON::Syck manpage and other deprecated modules will still be installed, but only as a last resort and will now include a warning. use JSON::Any qw(Syck XS JSON); or $ENV{JSON_ANY_ORDER} = 'Syck XS JSON'; At install time, JSON::Any will attempt to install the JSON::PP manpage as a reasonable fallback if you do not appear have *any* backends installed on your system. WARNING: If you call JSON::Any with an empty list use JSON::Any (); It will skip the JSON package detection routines and will die loudly that it couldn't find a package.

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