Easy-to-use color space conversions and more

This modules provides some utility functions to handle colors and color space conversions. The interface has been kept simple, so that most functions can be called "inline" when making calls to graphics libraries such as GD, Tk, or when generating HTML/CSS. (E.g. for GD: '$c = $img->colorAllocate( hsv2rgb( 270, 0.5, 0.3 ) );'.) Features: * Color Space Conversions Color space conversions, in particular between the "intuitive" color spaces HSV (Hue/Saturation/Value) and HLS (Hue/Lightness/Saturation) to and from RGB (Red/Green/Blue). * Color Lookup Color lookup by name for three standard sets of colors: WWW/CSS, SVG, and X11. * Color Gradients Management of color gradients, which can be indexed by a floating point number in the range 0..1. (Mostly intended for false-color data visualization.)

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