Read Font Files and Render Glyphs From Perl Using Freetype2

This module allows Perl programs to conveniently read information from font files. All the font access is done through the FreeType2 library, which supports many formats. It can render images of characters with high-quality hinting and antialiasing, extract metrics information, and extract the outlines of characters in scalable formats like TrueType. Warning: this module is currently in 'beta' stage. It'll be another release or two before it stabilizes. The API may change in ways that break programs based on it, but I don't think it will change much. Some of the values returned may be wrong, or not scaled correctly. See the _TODO_ file to get a handle on how far along this work is. Contributions welcome, particularly if you know more than I do (which isn't much) about fonts and the FreeType2 library.

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