Perl implementation of the which utility as an API

File::Which finds the full or relative paths to executable programs on the system. This is normally the function of 'which' utility. 'which' is typically implemented as either a program or a built in shell command. On some platforms, such as Microsoft Windows it is not provided as part of the core operating system. This module provides a consistent API to this functionality regardless of the underlying platform. The focus of this module is correctness and portability. As a consequence platforms where the current directory is implicitly part of the search path such as Microsoft Windows will find executables in the current directory, whereas on platforms such as UNIX where this is not the case executables in the current directory will only be found if the current directory is explicitly added to the path. If you need a portable 'which' on the command line in an environment that does not provide it, install App::pwhich which provides a command line interface to this API.

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