Recursive versions of mkdir() and rmdir() without as much overhead as Fi[cut]

The goal here is simply to provide recursive versions of mkdir() and rmdir() with as little code and overhead as possible. This module is in no way meant to derogate File::Path and is in no way an endorsement to go out and replace all use of File::Path with File::Path::Tiny. File::Path is very good at what it does but there's simply a lot happening that we can do without much of the time. Here are some things File::Path has/does that this module attempts to do without: * * multiple interfaces Backwards compatibility brings in a lot of code and logic that we don't need from here on out. * * chdir()s It forces a ton of chdir()s which could leave you somewhere you're not planning on being and requires much more overhead to do. This module provides a way to disable that if you know it is safe to do so in your circumstance. * * can croak not allowing you to detect and handle failure Just let me handle errors how I want. Don't make my entire app die or have to wrap it in an eval The exception here is the security checks can croak, which is what you want. See DIAGNOSTICS for more info. * * A well intentioned output system Just let me do the output how I want. (Nothing, As HTML, print to a filehandle, etc...) * * A well intentioned and experimental (IE subject to change) error handling system. Just keep it simple and detect failure via a boolean check and do what I want with the error. See "How can I make/remove multiple paths?" * * According to its POD, removing a tree is apparently not safe unless you tell it to be with the ‘safe’ or 'keep_root' attributes. Seems like that should just happen, I don't want to worry about accidentally removing / when I pass it /tmp

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