routines to display tabular data in several formats.

The *ShowTable* module provides subroutines to display tabular data, typially from a database, in nicely formatted columns, in several formats. Its arguments can either be given in a fixed order, or, as a single, anonymous hash-array. The output format for any one invocation can be one of four possible styles: * Box A tabular format, with the column titles and the entire table surrounded by a "box" of "'+'", "'-'", and "'|'" characters. See the "ShowBoxTable" manpage for details. * Table A simple tabular format, with columns automatically aligned, with column titles. See the "ShowSimpleTable" manpage. * List A _list_ style, where columns of data are listed as a _name_:_value_ pair, one pair per line, with rows being one or more column values, separated by an empty line. See the "ShowListTable" manpage. * HTML The data is output as an HTML _TABLE_, suitable for display through a _Web_-client. See the "ShowHTMLTable" manpage. Input can either be plain ASCII text, or text with embedded HTML elements, depending upon an argument or global parameter. The subroutines which perform these displays are listed below.

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