Perl module for uuencode and uudecode

* * uuencode uuencode() takes as the first argument a string that is to be uuencoded. Note, that it is the string that is encoded, not a filename. Alternatively a filehandle may be passed that must be opened for reading. It returns the uuencoded string including 'begin' and 'end'. Second and third argument are optional and specify filename and mode. If unspecified these default to "uuencode.uu" and 644. * * uudecode uudecode() takes a string as argument which will be uudecoded. If the argument is a filehandle this handle will be read instead. If it is a reference to an ARRAY, the elements are treated like lines that form a string. Leading and trailing garbage will be ignored. The function returns the uudecoded string for the first begin/end pair. In array context it returns an array whose first element is the uudecoded string, the second is the filename and the third is the mode.

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