Functions for converting to/from bencoded strings

This module provides two functions, 'bencode' and 'bdecode', which encode and decode bencoded strings respectivly. Encoding 'bencode()' expects to be passed a single value, which is either a scalar, a arrary ref, or a hash ref, and it returns a scalar containing the bencoded representation of the data structure it was passed. If the value passed was a scalar, it returns either a bencoded string, or a bencoded integer (floating points are not implemented, and would be returned as a string rather than a integer). If the value was a array ref, it returns a bencoded list, with all the values of that array also bencoded recursivly. If the value was a hash ref, it returns a bencoded dictionary (which for all intents and purposes can be thought of as a synonym for hash) containing the recursivly bencoded key and value pairs of the hash. Decoding 'bdecode()' expects to be passed a single scalar containing the bencoded string to be decoded. Its return value will be either a hash ref, a array ref, or a scalar, depending on whether the outer most element of the bencoded string was a dictionary, list, or a string/integer respectivly.

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