Maintain and Search a Minimal Cpan Database

This package is used for setting up, maintaining, and searching a CPAN database consisting of the information stored in the three main CPAN indices: _$CPAN/modules/, _$CPAN/modules/02packages.details.txt.gz_, and _$CPAN/authors/01mailrc.txt.gz_. It should be considered at an alpha stage of development. One begins by creating the object as my $obj = CPAN::SQLite->new(%args); which accepts the following arguments: * * 'CPAN => '/path/to/CPAN'' This specifies the path to where the index files are to be stored. This could be a local CPAN mirror, defined here by the presence of a _MIRRORED.BY_ file beneath this directory, or a local directory in which to store these files from a remote CPAN mirror. In the latter case, the index files are fetched from a remote CPAN mirror, using the same list that '' uses, if this is configured, and are updated if they are more than one day old. If the 'CPAN' option is not given, it will default to 'cpan_home' of CPAN, if this is configured, with the index files found under 'keep_source_where'. A fatal error results if such a directory isn't found. Updates to these index files are assumed here to be handled by ''. * * 'db_dir => '/path/to/db/dir'' This specifies the path to where the database file is found. If not given, it defaults to the 'cpan_home' directory of '', if present, or to the directory in which the script was invoked. The name of the database file is 'cpandb.sql'. There are two main methods available.

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