Create or read 02packages.details.txt.gz

CPAN uses an index file, _02packages.details.txt.gz_, to map package names to distribution files. Using this module, you can get a data structure of that file, or create your own. There are two parts to the _02packages.details.txt.g_z: a header and the index. This module uses a top-level 'CPAN::PackageDetails' object to control everything and comprise an 'CPAN::PackageDetails::Header' and 'CPAN::PackageDetails::Entries' object. The 'CPAN::PackageDetails::Entries' object is a collection of 'CPAN::PackageDetails::Entry' objects. For the most common uses, you don't need to worry about the insides of what class is doing what. You'll call most of the methods on the top-level 'CPAN::PackageDetails' object and it will make sure that it gets to the right place.

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