Download and install CPAN modules upon first use

CPAN::AutoINC is a slightly useful tool designed to streamline the process of installing all of the modules required by a script. By loading the CPAN::AutoINC module (usually via a "-MCPAN::AutoINC" command-line option), the user is registering a handler that will catch any attempt to use a module that does not exist on the local machine. In this case, the CPAN::Shell module will be invoked to search for the specified module and, if found, an attempt will be made to install the module. If successful, the module will be loaded and execution will continue as normal. For example: perl -MCPAN::AutoINC -MLingua::Num2Word=cardinal -le 'print cardinal("en", 42)' ...will download and install Lingua::Num2Word and Lingua::EN::Num2Word. perl -MCPAN::AutoINC -MLingua::Num2Word=cardinal -le 'print cardinal("de", 42)' ...will then download and install Lingua::DE::Num2Word (German). perl -MCPAN::AutoINC -MLingua::Num2Word=cardinal -le 'print cardinal("es", 42)' ...will then download and install Lingua::ES::Numeros (Spanish).

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